For my buyers and sellers

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One thought on “For my buyers and sellers

  1. Rates are based on the bond market. Trading levels in the bond market are back in line with (or slightly better than) Tuesday’s levels. But mortgage rates are still higher than those seen on Tuesday. It’s really that simple.

    So in my opinion mortgage rates are stable for now but based on the Dow movements and the fact the Fed Fund is projecting the mortgage rates will go up at least once more in 2018.

    What does this mean to you buyer; it is a good time to buy but due to demand inventory is low, that’s why you see multiple contract scenarios and properties going under contract in 2 days, so dear buyers don’t give up, I’ll find you a property that suit your needs.

    To my sellers…..this is a great time to get competing offers.

    Relax…..I got this!

    Marcelo Parada

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